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With thirty years of experience in the same business, our company established to respond to one of the highest challenges in the emerging markets; the Egyptian market evolution toward a complete industrial units to serve our economic development. With support from our partners manufacturers, we are focusing on the products' delivery according the projects schedules with guarantee for safely functioning and reliability regarding the quality, services during and after sales. Our success in this business comes from our partners reputation and the experience we gained in this field over the years in providing the equipment and services. Our clients in the Egyptian market are; the Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer and the EPC contractors related to these sectors.

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Power Plants

The most growing sector in the country to achieve the power needed to serve the economic development

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Oil & Gas

Expected to be there a great development in the gas sector in the coming years especially for the Mediterranean area



15-year plan launched by the government involving a three-phase investment program to develop the petrochemical sector


EPC Contractors

The contracting sector is booming now in the different sectors infrastructures, petroleum and Power plants

Scope of Work


Hydraulic and industrial Filtration


Separation Equipment

Two & Three Phase Separetor, Gas Filtration Equipment, Gas Dehydration System, Oil Desalting, Oil Dehydration & Treating, MEG Regeneration, Reclaimation & Sulphur Recovery


Direct & Indirect Fired Heater

Heavy Equipment

Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns & H.P.Vessels


Ball Valves

Manual & Actuated:oil, gas, power, petrochemical, water & marine industry


Offshore, onshore, overhead and bridge

Pipeing Material

Valves, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Gaskets …


Fire & Water boilers up to 220 t/h/325℃ for steam generation

Firetube boiler up to 40/t/h/25 bar,  Watertube boiler 220 t/h/PH325℃ for steam generation


Steel Constraction

Carbon Steel Plates and Sections

Natural Gas Systems

Pressure reducing stations, Metering Skids


Coming Soon


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